Dog Programs & Policies

The Elings Meadow at Girsh Park is the home to Goleta Valley Dog Club, Inc. The club was founded by a group of individuals devoted to having fun with their friends; both two and four legged. Goleta Valley Dog Club, Inc, takes great pride in providing an atmosphere that is beginner, family, and community friendly, while also providing a place for our more advanced dog sport athletes to practice and learn. We offer classes to the public in the areas of Agility and Rally Obedience, and also training classes called Fun with Focus.

GVDC offers agility and training classes throughout the week. For more information about their schedules and classes click here to go to their website.

Goleta Valley Dog Club website

Dog Policies

Dogs are required to remain on a leash at Girsh Park. Unauthorized off-leash activity will result in citations from Santa Barbara County Animal Control, and or expulsion from Girsh Park. Goleta Valley Dog Club leases the fenced Elings Meadow, and has permission to operate their off-leash program only in the confined area. Girsh Park does not have a facility for public off-leash activity.