Adult Programs

Girsh Park is the home of several very popular recreational adult programs.  Each of these programs meets daily or weekly and have different ability levels.  Click on the following links to find out more info about each of these programs.  You will find contact info and schedules for each of the programs on their individual websites.

Adult Fitness Classes at Girsh Park

SWEAT was created to cater to a growing population of people desiring to get an intense full body workout with very little equipment and very low cost. We alternate between explosive cardio drills, resistance moves, plyometrics, core and balance work.

Our outdoor workout program can be modified to anyone’s fitness levels. Each workout is geared for the beginning exerciser, weekend warrior and even the elite athlete. There’s no form of intimidation since we divide each class into separate fitness levels.  We strongly encourage participants to push themselves, but to know their own limits and stay within those limits to prevent injury.

We have graciously received the “Stamp of Approval” by many physical therapists and fitness experts as a safer workout due to our diligence on proper form and technique.  To successfully ensure this, we staff each event accordingly based on the number of attendees.

No contracts, no commitments, just a guaranteed total body training program every time you show up. We guarantee you will lose a minimum of 10 lbs. or 2 pant sizes if you stick with our program. Get out of the gym and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with a large local group of people with the same goal!

Get sweating!

The class meets every Thursday evening at 6pm at Girsh Park near the picnic areas.

Adult Soccer Leagues at Girsh Park

Santa Barbara Woman’s Soccer Organization

Central Coast Soccer League for Men