Kimberly Schizas Bioswale

A unique aspect of Girsh Park is the Kimberley Schizas Bioswale.  The bioswale and natural area compose an innovative environmental project that uses natural means and native plant life to remove pollutants from runoff water.  This facility provides a haven for many birds and mammals, and assists in keeping our oceans and beaches clean by removing pollutants before they have a chance to reach the ocean.

The Bio-Swale was dedicated to Kimberly Schizas in 2010.  Kim was the founding member, and first President of the Camino Real Park Foundation.  The Foundation’s name was later changed to The Foundation for Girsh Park after our lead benefactors.  Kim served on the board for over a decade, and was a driving force behind our unique 501 (c) (3) non-profit business model.  Between 2005 and 2009 Kim was the Park’s Fundraising Chairperson for both operations and the Fields Forever 2 Capital Campaign.  During that time, our fundraising efforts allowed for the park to stay open to the public, while we simultaneously raised $1,250,000 to install the state of the art Girsh-Hochman Field.  Kim’s contributions to the Foundation for Girsh Park will be felt into perpetuity.