Family Picnic Areas

We have seven family picnic areas that are perfect for your party and picnic needs.  Each area has 1-2 picnic tables, a barbecue, and plenty of open space.  Each Family Picnic Area  holds a maximum of 25 people.  If your group is larger than 25 people, then you can rent multiple picnic areas to accommodate more people.  These picnic areas are located around the Harriett Phillips Meadow with easy access to the playground, piñata stand and restrooms.

Each Family Picnic Area rents for $55 general and $48 for non-profits for the day and the Small Group Picnic Area rents for $140 general and $100 Non-Profit for the day.  An additional $50 refundable security deposit is due when you book your reservation.   If you are serving alcohol or providing amplified music, then you must obtain a special permit from the Girsh Park Office.  When you make your reservation request ask the Reservation Assistant about obtaining the correct permits for your event.  Check out the park map to see the exact locations of each Family Picnic Area.

Picnic Areas 1 and 2

Picnic Areas 3 and 4

Picnic Area 5


Family Picnic Area #1
Family Picnic Area #2
Family Picnic Area #3
Family Picnic Area #4
Family Picnic Area #5

Small Group Picnic Area

To make a reservation contact:

Freddy Ornelas

Girsh Park Reservation Assistant

(805) 968-2773 x1